For Sales Leaders: Motivate Your Sales Team

One of the most challenging aspects of every sales manager's job is determining what motivates their sales people to drive to their next level of achievement.  Even though people are motivated by different things, there are specific activities that great motivational sales coaches use to connect with and inspire their sales people.  Imagine the impact to your revenue if more of your producers were operating at peak performance.

Covered Topics:

  • Understand and utilize the essential characteristics of 'The Motivator' sales manager
  • Establish and communicate extraordinary standards that will increase engagement and sales results
  • Implement a high impact 'huddle' forum that will focus your sales people on driving revenue
  • Have 'The Conversation' with your middle producers to ignite their fire
  • Create a candidate pipeline that will ensure that you are not 'held hostage' by underperformers

Who Should Attend?

Sales managers in all lines of business and trainers will all benefit by this webinar.