Customer Service Under the CFPB

In this session, we will share practical "how to" advice that everyone can easily understand and instantly use. We've all heard it said a thousand times that 'practice makes perfect'.  However, in my experience, only 'perfect practice makes perfect'. If everyone in your organization doesn't have the same goals, attitude, and motivation regarding your customer and customer service, your customers will suffer and ultimately, so will your company.

All employees should be well trained and competent. When employees are confident in their abilities, they feel grounded and are capable of establishing the "customer connection". We will explore what is good customer service in the age of the CFPB! By creating good customer habits, you will set your Financial Institution apart from your competitors.

Covered Topics:

  • Creating a powerful first impression - establishing your benchmarks
  • Developing rapport with a customer - treating everyone the same isn't always easy
  • Teamwork and Customer retention - pampering pays
  • Practicing good listening skills - hearing is not understanding
  • Recognizing sells opportunities - why it is important to promote your products
  • Developing immediate phone rapport - let them hear you smile
  • Handling an angry customer - why we should take it personally
  • Solving Problems / Taking Responsibility - communicating & following up
  • Selling Yourself / Selling Your Company - learn to tell your company story
  • Stress management - who says stress is not good for you

Who Should Attend?

Everyone in the organization that comes in contact with your customer in person, over the phone, and/or internet will benefit from this session.