Excel Explained: Excel for iPad

Four years after Apple's iPad tablet debuted, Microsoft finally released Excel for iPad. Although a powerful and useful product, this is not your desktop version of Excel. In this session Excel expert David Ringstrom gets you up to speed on the capabilities of Excel for iPad. He'll also point out quirks and nuances so that you avoid frustration. After this session you'll have a good sense of what you can - and more importantly - cannot do with Excel for iPad.

Covered Topics:

  • Get up and running quickly with the steps to install Excel for iPad
  • Get an overview of features available on Excel for iPad
  • View ready-to-use templates available on Excel for iPad
  • Hide, unhide, delete, and rename worksheets with ease
  • Master the counter-intuitive steps for the Fill Series command
  • Access spreadsheets emailed to your iPad
  • View the limited nature of comments in Excel for iPad, as well as a workaround
  • Manage lists of data with the Table feature
  • See how to print from Excel for iPad
  • Discover the nuance required to unhide rows or columns
  • Access lists of worksheet functions for creating calculations
  • Email spreadsheets to others from your iPad
  • See how to update Excel for iPad
  • Avoid the default setting that may cause you to overpay for your Excel for iPad subscription
  • Master the nuances and opportunities of Excel for iPad

Who Should Attend?

Any spreadsheet user considering or already using Excel for iPad.