Regulation CC - Checks and Holds

This program will review how to place holds for Regulation CC on transaction accounts. Many institutions are still getting written up on Reg CC holds. This will help you to comply with the regulation, fulfill annual training requirements and teach tellers to make good solid hold decisions. You will receive a handbook, sample problems and forms and a hint at the anticipated changes.

Covered Topics:

  • Hold Forms for Tellers
  • Disclosures for New Accounts
  • Time frames for holds on checks
  • How to use each type of hold
  • When to use each type of hold
  • Completing the form and making the decision
  • What is proposed and still pending
  • And much much more...

THIS PROGRAM IS A COST EFFECTIVE MEANS the upcoming proposed changes for Regulation CC and how they will affect both the front and back of the financial institution. 

Who Should Attend?

All compliance officers, security officers, branch administration, return items, check processing, head tellers, teller trainers.