Mastering the Art of Cross Selling

Designed for credit unions that are serious about taking cross-selling up a notch. When the member walks in, drives up, emails, or phones, the organization starts racking up points, for or against, tightening up the relationship and setting the stage for cross selling. This dynamic webinar will help raise the bar when it comes to effective cross selling.

Aimed at the frontline staff including tellers, members service representatives, call center personnel, account managers and branch managers, this program reminds participants how to excel at cross-selling and referrals.

What We Will Cover:

  • Packing a sales tool box
  • The Four P's of Prospecting: Plan, Pitch, Probe and Present
  • Two best ways to grow; referrals and cross-selling
  • Spotting sales opportunities, asking great questions
  • Dealing with a "no" and rejection
  • Creative follow-up options

Who Should Attend?

All frontline personnel, trainers, teller supervisors, and branch managers will benefit from this information packed webinar.