Deliver Training that Sticks

If you're responsible for training others, then this workshop is for you. Let an InterAction Training professional show you how to develop and deliver training that sticks. Not only will you learn how to increase your personal impact, you'll also learn how to improve the effectiveness of training programs.

This program will be fast-moving and provide countless creative ideas and techniques. Included are tips and methods to make training fun, increase participation and involvement, and find effective, affordable resources. Also included are guidance in preparing course materials and evaluation tools, along with plenty of booster shots of confidence and enthusiasm.


  • Develop self-directed learners
  • Use accelerated learning techniques
  • Gain personal balance as trainer
  • Employ planning and prioritizing methods into your training approach
  • Select the most appropriate learning strategies
  • Experience high-impact learning
  • Create an action plan to put this workshop to work for you immediately!

What You Will Learn:

  • How to gain acceptance for your recommendations
  • Key factors in a successful course
  • Essential parts of every program
  • Overcoming common problems in the classroom
  • Factors in transferring learning to the job
  • How to find resource materials
  • Tips on marketing your training courses internally
  • How to reward and celebrate learning

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who trains, whether experienced or novice, and anyone who manages those who train.