The Directors Education Series: Introduction to Strategic Planning

A basic business formula says that "Fail to Plan = Plan to Fail". In today’s competitive business environment, banking organizations that fail to carefully and strategically plan for the future may not have much of one. The same holds true for acquiring top leadership talent and effectively onboarding them into the organization. Discussions about Strategic Planning and Leadership Onboarding are finding their way onto more Board agendas as Directors seek to better position their organization for the future and work to reduce costs associated with poor retention of leadership talent. Unfortunately, many find themselves unprepared for such discussions. Banking organizations without disciplined approaches to Strategic Planning and Leadership Onboarding are taking unnecessary and easily preventable risks. Ultimately it will cost more, in terms of money and reputation, not to take a proactive approach. Both areas should be Board priorities in an ever-changing and competitive business environment.

This session introduces the topic of Strategic Planning and provides a framework to address its importance in today’s business environment. 

Topics include:

  • What is Strategic Planning and a Strategic Plan
  • What are the key terms and definitions associated with Strategic Planning
  • What are the basic components of the Plan
  • What are the important questions to ask before you begin Strategic Planning
  • When and why do Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Planning best practices
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Training Features:

  • Includes Audio, Video and Powerpoint. 
  • PDF Handouts
  • Discussion Questions
  • 20-25 minutes in length (Perfect to show at your monthly board meeting!)

This program is a breakout session from the Directors Education Series, which is a subscription based Library containing over 45 trainings specifically for your Board of Directors. For more information on the Directors Education Series click on or go to You can email questions to or talk with a representative by calling 1-800-831-0678.

Who Should Attend?

This program is recommended for your Human Resources, Operations, Risk Management and Executive staff including every member on your Board of Directors.