Creating the Right Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Program for YOUR Community Bank

Are you creating the first ERM Program for your bank? Or do you want to ensure your current program is complete, yet simple? If you answer “yes” to either question, this webinar is for you!

Risk Management is at the heart of banking, and every bank needs processes, policies, and procedures to assess and manage the risks on its balance sheet. Learn the fundamental pieces of the ERM puzzle, how they relate to each other, and how to integrate your ERM program into your bank’s Strategic Plan.

We’ll show you one step at a time how to build a complete, yet simple program for your bank. Learn how you can make the process fun, and how your team will become closer as they work together with the common goal of protecting your bank’s assets.

Covered Topics:

  • ERM general background and key definitions
  • Identifying the specific building blocks/components of a simple, yet complete ERM Program covering the three key areas of ERM
    • Identifying and Assessing Risk
    • Mitigating and Eliminating Risk
    • Monitoring and Reporting Risk
  • Creating an ERM Committee Charter
  • Choosing the right ERM Committee members
  • Integrating the ERM Program into your Strategic Plan
  • Creating the Risk Management Appetite and Tolerance Statement – Description of Process
  • Implementing your ERM Program
  • Keeping the process fun while complying with regulations and protecting your bank - consistently in every area!

Who Should Attend?

Chief Risk Officers, Risk Managers, Chief Credit Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Compliance Officers, Internal Auditors, Board Directors who want to learn more about ERM, Bank Presidents involved in the risk management process and their ERM program