Understanding Commercial Loan Documentation

We'll explore in detail the various documents typically found in a commercial loan transaction and their legal impact on the relationship between the bank and its borrowers and guarantors.

What You Will Learn:

  • What areas of the law impact commercial lending?
  • What are the “fundamental” documents in a commercial loan transaction?
  • What is the difference between term sheets and commitment letters?
  • What documents are unique to real estate lending?
  • Which documents are used in asset based financing?
  • How are letters of credit documented?
  • What are loan participation agreements?
  • What are mortgage spreaders? Mortgage assumptions? Future advances?
  • How can we minimize mistakes in loan documentation?
  • And much more!

Who Should Attend?

Lenders, credit officers, document preparation specialists, loan booking specialists and other bankers involved in the lending process. Particularly useful for bankers who deal directly with borrowers and are frequently presented with questions at closings about various loan documents. While the emphasis is on commercial loans, those involved in residential lending will also benefit, as many of the documents and concepts discussed are applicable to both types of loan transactions. The course is appropriate for entry level bankers, as well as those having more experience - but who may be in need of a review.