The Directors Education Series: Cybercrime in Banking

Cybercrimes are growing in frequency and sophistication; financial institutions must be aware and prepared for these threats. This session will explore different types of cybercrimes such as Ransomware, Corporate Account Takeover, and Wire/ACH Fraud. As with many cybercrimes, phishing attacks are used to perpetuate these crimes against financial institutions and their partners. Technology has changed our industry and is an essential component of each business unit. Some of the larger losses that financial institution could see in the future could be cybersecurity related. Understanding how cybercrimes work and the effects on our industry is critical in improving an institutions overall governance and decision making processes.

Topics Include:
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Malware
  • Ransomware Impacts
  • CATO Losses
  • Wire Fraud

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training features:

  • Includes Audio, Video and Powerpoint. 
  • PDF Handouts
  • Discussion Questions
  • 20-25 minutes in length (Perfect to show at your monthly board meeting!)

This program is a breakout session from the Directors Education Series, which is a subscription based Library containing over 50 trainings specifically for your Board of Directors. For more information on the Directors Education Series click on or go to You can email questions to or talk with a representative by calling 1-800-831-0678.

Who Should Attend?

This program is recommended for your Compliance, Operations, Risk Management, IT and Executive staff including every member on your Board of Directors.