Annual Compliance Training for Commercial Lenders

Which regulations apply to commercial loans? Are there special rules if the loans are secured by real estate? Can examiners access civil money penalties for violations? Are there any exceptions when the real estate is taken as "an abundance of caution"? Do the commercial lenders and support staff at your bank understand the data collection required for HMDA reportable applications? Is a written application required for a business purpose loan?

Join this webinar to understand the application process with step by step instructions and actual examples that explain the requirements of applicable regulations in terms that are easy to understand and will show examiners that commercial lenders received compliance training in 2017.

Covered Topics:

  • Overview of commercial loan compliance "hot spots" from Fair Housing, Regulation B, Flood Disaster Protection Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, "accommodation loans", HMDA, and Regulation O.
  • Overview of BSA, CIP, and OFAC requirements including PREVIEW of the NEW Beneficial Ownership Rules for Legal Entity accounts that become the FIFTH PILLAR of BSA on May 11, 2018.
  • What factors determine if the application is for business purpose or consumer purpose?
  • What are the compliance requirements when real estate is taken as collateral?
  • Review of the required disclosure for the "Right to Receive a Copy of Appraisal". This DOES apply to 1st lien loans regardless of purpose; there is no "business-purpose" exception.
  • What are some common compliance violations in the commercial loan area when real estate has been taken as collateral?
  • Overview of HMDA requirements and preview of the changes to business purpose loans when the new HMDA rules become effective January 1, 2018.
  • Flood insurance violations can be costly. What are some of the unique challenges with commercial buildings and collateral?
  • There are four "trip wire" events for flood insurance. Learn about the new rules for "detached structure on residential property" with a commercial purpose.
    • Matrix of 28 loan types; required disclosures for both consumer and commercial loans with explanations about real estate secured loans.
    • Guide that outlines which compliance regulations apply to commercial credit and the exemptions for certain rules.
    • Flood insurance resources

Who Should Attend?

This interactive session is a cost-effective way to gain a greater understanding of the rules about processing applications, and complying with regulations triggered by commercial loans secured by real estate. This informative session will benefit loan officers, loan assistants, loan operations staff, compliance officers, auditors, and trainers.