Commercial Loan Agreements and Covenants

Commercial lending involves many types of loans and credit facilities. Equally diverse are the various cash needs of businesses, such as operating funds, plant expansion or equipment purchases. Within the documentation of these credits, the commercial loan agreement plays an important role in both bringing together other documents (promissory note, liens, etc.) and filling in the gaps or even providing additional controls.

This program explores the key sections in a commercial loan agreement and the goals they help achieve. Within this structure, various covenants play an important role in protecting the bank should the borrower’s financial condition change. Equally important, and sometimes not reviewed very closely, are how various terms are defined.


  • Review of the typical structure and format of loan agreements
  • Special issues and features when construction is involved
  • Why definitions are the starting point for the whole agreement
  • Identify the goals and how loan agreement sections and/or covenants often achieve more than one goal
  • Tips for developing, setting and monitoring financial covenants
  • Understanding the events of default and the bank’s remedies, plus using caution when dealing with covenant violations

Who Should Attend?

Private bankers, small business lenders, commercial lenders, credit analysts, portfolio managers, loan review specialists, special assets officers, lending managers and credit officers involved in the commercial lending process.