Introduction to Internal Audit

Understand the Changing Role of Internal Audit, How To Effectively Establish a Risk-based Internal Audit Function, and Gain Knowledge of Internal Controls

The issues that continue to impact a Bank’s internal audit function are significant, including Committee of Sponsoring Organizations and Institute of Internal Auditors professional practice expectations. In addition, the banking business continues to become more complex due to changing technology, new and evolving regulation, and a wider range of products and services. As a result, the role of the internal auditor is changing and expectations of internal audit by bank examiners, external auditors, management, and stakeholders are increasing. This program will discuss the changing role of internal audit and how internal audit may add value in today’s complex banking environment. Additionally, the program will identify and define internal controls and as a result of not having effective controls, what could go wrong? Further, developing a risk-based internal audit approach allows internal audit to most effectively audit the increasing risks faced by banks today. Hands-on exercises will be provided for attendees to apply the concepts presented.


  • Internal Audit Profession
    • Definition of Internal Audit
    • Changing Role of Internal Audit
    • Introduction to the Institute of Internal Auditors Standards and Guidance – International Professional Practices Framework
    • Difference between Internal Audit and External (Financial Statement) Audit
    • FFIEC Interagency Policy Statement on the Internal Audit and Function and Co-sourcing
    • Impact of FDICIA and SOx regulation
  • Internal Control
    • Committee of Sponsoring Organization’s Internal Control Model
    • Types of Internal Controls
    • Internal Control Standards
    • Cost/Benefit and Reasonable Assurance of Internal Controls
    • What Could Go Wrong?
  • Risk-based Internal Audit Process
    • Planning
    • Risk Assessment
    • Risk-based Internal Audit Plan
    • Internal Audit Program Development
    • Performance of Internal Audit Program and Documentation of Audit Findings
    • Effective Report Writing
    • Conducting Effective Exit Meeting
    • Audit Committee Presentation
  • Internal Audit Adding Value

Who Should Attend?

Bank professionals seeking knowledge of internal audit and/or internal controls, including internal auditors, deposit and operations personnel, accountants, management, and individuals with previous internal audit education seeking a refresher course

"Presenter was extremely knowledgeable and engaging.  Kept the participants engaged with to do exercises and was very enthusiastic.  This was one of the best webinars I have attended this far." -- Rinkoo Johari, Audit Manager, T-Mobile