Robbery Awareness

Why do people rob financial institutions? To paraphrase notorious robber Willie Sutton, "because that's where the money is."

Statistics for robbery of financial institutions show that this dangerous-and sometimes deadly-crime still exists. Combine the threat of violence and the use of force with the nervousness of perpetrators and the foolish acts of heroism by victims, and it's no wonder that law enforcement considers robbery to be one of society's most dangerous crimes.

In fact, a robbery victim's own actions may exacerbate the situation, resulting in brutal attacks, serious injuries, and even death. This program will cover all the necessary steps your staff needs to sustain a safe workplace in your financial institution. Protect your people, prevent vulnerability, and reassure your customers that their money is safe.

This program meets the requirement of Regulation H as it pertains to periodic robbery training.


  • Establish a robbery prevention checklist
  • Discuss risk management issues
  • Receive a robbery summary with actual examples
  • Learn how to prepare for a robbery
  • Discuss law enforcement response issues
  • Review witness identification exercises

Who Should Attend?

Security Officers, Auditors, Front Line Staff, Branch Management