For Bank Managers, Trainers & RMs: How to Create, Cultivate and Convert More Banking Sales Leads

Buyers have changed. Bankers have not.

Cold-calling is history! Your bank clients now drive the buying process. From start to finish, buyers are online researching, gathering information, processing at their own pace and signing up for bank services in their own time.

Help your sales team learn how to attract and connect with today's banking clients by attending this live broadcast on Creating, Cultivating and Converting Sales Leads. Sales Managers and Leaders will receive several sales training tools to help teach salespeople how to super-charge their lead generation success. Learn the secrets to leveraging technology to engage buyers now!

What You Will Learn:

  • A clear understanding of the effects of the changing Buyer’s Journey on the sales role
  • What the ZMOT is and why it is important to all salespeople
  • Recommended approaches for ‘getting found’ in your buyer’s journey as they seek information and resources
  • Today’s Effective Selling System: Making the change from selling to helping buyers make informed decisions

Who Should Attend?

Bank Managers, Trainers & RMs