Managing Meetings and Presentations

So much depends on the results of meetings, where managers spend so much of their time—and their company’s money. Yet most meetings end with unresolved issues, mired by vague agendas, dominating pontificators, complaining participants, unfocused presenters, and uncommitted facilitators.

Managing Meetings and Presentations, a fast-paced webinar, provides a systematic approach to preparing for, leading, presenting during, and following up on meetings: reflect, record, relate, respond, review, revise. In covering each of these critical R’s, you will discover key practices to enhance your professionalism, whether designing meeting agendas, taking meeting minutes, facilitating discussions, managing participants, or delivering key presentations during meetings.

What You Will Learn:

  1. Plan meetings and presentations purposefully.
  2. Create focused presentations.
  3. Sharpen delivery techniques.
  4. Manage your audience with authority.
  5. Stick to the objectives of meetings.

Who Should Attend?

Facilitators, attendees, presenters, and documenters looking for efficient approaches to running business meetings will benefit from attending this webinar.