Sexual Harassment and Establishing a Respectful Workplace

There has been an explosion of sexual harassment allegations in both the press, and in complaints to employers. Famous media people, executives, and public and corporate managers have suddenly had careers damaged or ended due to their improper behaviors. Harassment is certainly not new. Yet now there is a new environment, new support and motivation to come forth. Organizations, Congress and Legislatures are paying attention to enhanced policies, practices and new laws and liabilities are coming.

In many organizations sexual harassment seems all too common. Yet in others it rarely arises and is quickly and effectively addressed. What is the difference?

Your organization must seek to prevent and to address harassment! The courts have expanded the scope of an organization's duty of care for the overall work environment. The failure to pay attention to this Duty of Care can result in personal harm and legal liability for both the organization and for the individual. Adopting the Duty of Care immunizes organizations from liability and creates a healthy, productive profitable workplace.

This program brings an understanding of employees' responsibilities toward each other and covers how to effectively address and resolve issues.

Covered Topics

  • How to define and identify harassing behavior in its differing manifestations
  • Understand the laws which apply and how they can be used to confront and correct harassing behaviors; and new liabilities on the way
  • Guidelines you can adopt to stop harassment before it starts
  • The Duty of Care principles for addressing abusive behaviors and preventing liability
  • Gain an understanding of how these concepts apply to practical, everyday situations
  • Practical pointers for supervisors

Who Should Attend?

Human Resources and anyone that creates policy and procedures for your financial institution or with responsibility for supervising employees.