Appraisals and Evaluations - The Federal Guidelines

In this one-hour webinar, Anne Lolley will explain the interagency guidelines on appraisals and evaluations.

Covered Topics

  • Explanation of the guidelines and appendices
  • Which loans require appraisals or evaluations
  • The requirement of independence
  • What must be included in an evaluation
  • Using existing appraisals and evaluations
  • Reviewing appraisals and evaluations

Supplemental Documents

  • The actual guidelines (formatted for readability)
  • Sample Worksheet for Determining Validity of Existing Appraisal or Evaluation
  • Sample Evaluation Based on County Tax Assessment
  • Checklist for Evaluation Review
  • Checklist for Appraisal Review

Who Should Attend?

Lenders, compliance officers and persons conducting valuations will find this webinar to be extremely helpful.