Traditional and Roth IRA's

You have finally received the promotion you've been dreaming about - IRA Coordinator! Now what do you do? Were you able to get even a little bit of training before the last Guru left the credit union - or are you "on your own"? Because of their extreme complexity, IRAs are a very difficult product to learn "on the job." In short order, personnel begin to dislike this account because of the feeling of uncertainty that occurs when an accountholder asks unfamiliar questions. This the 1st Webinar in a series of three 1-hour Webinars.

Covered Topics:

  • Basic Forms Required To Open, Close, Move and Maintain Traditional and Roth IRAs (have your own forms - including application, contribution and distribution forms - available during the webinar)
  • Qualifications, Contribution Limits and Deadlines and for:
    • Traditional IRA
    • Regular Roth IRAs
    • Conversion Roth IRAs

Who Should Attend?

Member Services Representatives, Certificate of Deposit Personnel, Savings Counselors and Supervisors who are NEWLY involved in the opening, selling, marketing, or administration of IRAs. Any officer/manager who "oversees" the IRA department and may be responsible for answering IRA accountholders questions or concerns but does not actually open IRA accounts. Experienced IRA Personnel who like a review of the basics and forms.